Apps – Stock and downloadable between Android – iOS – Windows 10 Mobile

How the operating systems looks and handles is important, but it arguably pales in comparison to the real difference maker between all these three: the apps.

Apps and app stores can make or break an operating system. You can have a gorgeous look, slick feel and, as Microsoft has found with successive Windows mobile platforms, still fail if your app situation is not up to par.

iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile each have their own storefront – iOS has the App Store, Android has Google Play and Windows 10 Mobile has the Windows Store.

A few years ago, Apple dominated the app space. It had the best apps, both in terms of functionality and design. It also had the ‘triple-A’ games, and overall developer support was top notch. If a new app or app update was coming, it would most likely hit iOS first.

The story has changed somewhat in recent years, but not entirely. Android now has pretty much all of the big-name apps, and new ones are typically launched more or less simultaneously with iOS (or not long after). Some even make their debut on Android, owing to Google’s more relaxed approval process.

Many triple-A games are also seeing an equal release footing between iOS and Android, though iOS still has more of an advantage here than with regular apps. That can largely be put down to the persistent issue of Android hardware and software fragmentation, which poses more of a challenge for game developers due to the added performance demands.

There’s still definitely an iOS bias here. Spotify and Instagram, for example, both tend to trial new features with their iOS apps before bringing them to Android later.

And then there’s Windows 10 Mobile. Ah, Windows 10 Mobile. It’s certainly safe to say that in the app landscape, Microsoft’s baby currently lags a distant third. Make no mistake, there are plenty of apps on Windows 10 Mobile and the number of big players offering something for the platform is growing. Spotify, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram are all present and correct, and that covers a lot of the apps people use on a daily basis. But such apps frequently lag behind the top two platforms when it comes to receiving updates, and they often lack fairly fundamental features. Developers seem to release an app, mention it now supports Windows 10 Mobile and then turn their attention back to iOS and Android.

Windows 10 Mobile offers hope in that it’s built on the same core as Windows 10 itself. The main advantage of this is that it’s possible to create universal apps that works in both the desktop and mobile environments. The company also put some work into making it easier to port apps from Android and iOS to Windows 10 Mobile, but the main initiative is those Universal Apps.

iOS 9 images 7That’s the idea, anyway. In practice, the Windows 10 app ecosystem has gotten off to a slightly shaky start. Developers have been slow on the uptake (perhaps burned by previous Windows and Windows Phone systems), and those Windows 10 Universal Apps that have been made haven’t always been of the best quality.

But it’s still early days for Windows 10, and Microsoft seems determined to stay the course. This is supposed to be “the last version of Windows”, after all. From now on, Windows will be a service that’s constantly and incrementally improved, and there’s a clear path to ensuring a well-supported mobile ecosystem within that.

All we need now is a few more decent apps and some compelling Windows 10 Mobile hardware (a Surface Phone, maybe?), and iOS and Android might have to think about glancing back for a second.

Built-in apps also make a big difference to how the operating system functions. Many Android OEMs bake in their own apps, but Google’s suite of core apps – Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Maps – are all fantastic. They’re well integrated, slick looking and work every time. You can also grab them all, apart from Photos, if you’re running iOS.

Apple’s default apps for iOS are spartan in design terms, but they’re a good choice if you’re heavily tied into Apple’s ecosystem. Notes will sync back to your Mac, you can beam Map directions to your phone and tap out an iMessage (free messaging between iOS and OS X devices) on your desktop. Unlike on Android, you can’t set which apps are your default, which also means you’re stuck with the Apple-provided phone and messages apps for handling calls and SMS messages.

Windows 10 mobileWe do prefer Google’s design language over Apple’s though. It’s just got a bit more about it. It’s fresher, sleeker and not quite so bare. There’s a balance to it, where iOS feels like all of the core functionality has been stacked up in the margins.

Windows 10 Mobile’s built-in apps are generally a big improvement over the threadbare offerings of Windows Phone 8.1, particularly in terms of the Edge web browser and Outlook email app. But there’s a glaring problem when comparing it to the other two platforms: both Android and iOS have access to most of Microsoft’s key apps. What’s more, those apps are of a really high quality, often outshining the equivalent experience on Windows. We’re thinking particularly of the latest Outlook app, but there’s a case to be made for Office too.

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Design and Interface between Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile

In the many years since Android, iOS and Windows for Mobile (as it used to be called) have been powering devices everywhere, the way they each look and function has changed significantly.

Actually, let us rephrase that. Android and Windows Mobile have both gone through numerous makeovers, yet Apple has kept iOS looking fairly similar since its 2007 launch.phones-7

Android got its biggest design upgrade in 2014, with the introduction of Lollipop 5.0. This brought a whole new ‘Material Design’ look and feel that cranked up the number of animations and altered almost every part to give it that extra bit of gloss.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the newest version, continues with the basic look of Lollipop. Most of its changes relate to the back end.

The basics of Android are the same as they’ve been for years, though. You’ve got a lock screen that displays notifications, then, once unlocked, you’ve got an app-centric home screen. And there’s an app drawer for storing everything else you’ve downloaded.

iOS follows this blueprint too, though Apple ditches the app drawer, instead giving you just the app icon-filled home screens. It’s the simplest of the three, and it’s difficult to argue with its usability – unless you have loads of apps, in which case a provision like Android’s and Windows 10’s app tray would be useful.

Windows 10 Mobile takes a completely different design path from the competition. Its homescreen is a tiled interface, with resizable tiles flipping over to display more information about that app. You can swipe to the left to get to all your apps and just like iOS and Android, you can group apps together in folders.phones-9

Live Tiles give you little nuggets of information without forcing you to open an app – the BBC Sport app, for example, gives you a scrolling view of breaking news throughout the day. This glanceable style can also be applied to Android, where optional widgets can be added to the homescreens. Widgets have been a mainstay on Android since the very first version.

Apple took until iOS 8 (it’s currently on iOS 9.2) to add something similar, though it’s not as well integrated as on the other platforms. They’re called Extensions, and rather than sitting on the homescreen they’re found in the drop-down Notification Centre, but they work pretty much the same as Live Tiles or widgets.

We’d like to see Apple give us a bit more freedom over where these handy information gatherers could sit, but the Cupertino company’s reluctance to switch up the overall look of the homescreen makes us think that will likely never happen.

All three also have a couple of neat design tricks up their respective sleeves when it comes to getting more from the home screens. A quick swipe down from the top of each brings up a notification shade, grouping together all your emails, messages and calls, while both Android and Windows give you quick settings here too. These let you easily turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the like.

Apple added a similar settings shortcut feature in iOS 7 with Control Centre. This time you swipe up from the bottom of screen to get direct access to a torch, a brightness slider, media controls, Wi-Fi, and so on. We’re big fans of Apple’s approach here – it’s become one of our most commonly used functions in iOS.

Now, there’s one big thing that separates Android from Windows 10 Mobile and iOS and that’s skinning. We’ll talk more about this later, but it basically gives OEMs (Samsung, HTC, LG etc.) free reign to turn Android into whatever they want. What Google says is how Android should look in the Nexus 6P is not necessarily what you’ll get if you pick up a Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9.

Windows 10 Mobile has come a long way since the Windows for Mobile days and it’s rather good looking – we think anyway. It’s actually very similar to Windows Phone 8.1 before it. But it still falls behind the other two. Android is our favourite design-wise, especially when it’s presented the way Google intended.

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Why GPS ionospheric delay ?

GPS ionospheric delay is one of the most common issues with the gps navigation systems. Inconsistencies of atmospheric conditions affect the speed of the GPS signals as they pass through the Earths atmosphere and ionosphere. Correcting these errors is a significant challenge to improving GPS position accuracy.

ag_GPS_Satellite_Ionospheric_Delay_low_resSQThese effects are smallest when the satellite is directly overhead and become greater for satellites nearer the horizon since the signal is affected for a longer time. Once the receivers approximate location is known, a mathematical model can be used to estimate and compensate for these errors.

Because ionospheric delay affects the speed of microwave signals differently based on frequency  a characteristic known as dispersion  both frequency bands can be used to help reduce this error. Some military and expensive survey-grade civilian receivers compare the different delay in the frequencies to measure atmosphere dispersion and apply a more precise correction.

This can be done in civilian GPS receivers without decrypting the P(Y) signal carried on L2 by tracking the carrier wave instead of the modulated code. To do this on lower cost receivers, a new civilian code signal on L2 called L2C was added to the satellies. This new signal allows a direct comparison of the L1 and L2 signals using the coded signal instead of the carrier wave.

The effects of the ionosphere generally change slowly and can be averaged over time. The effects for any particular geographical area can be easily calculated by comparing the GPS-measured position to a known surveyed location. This correction is also valid for other receivers in the same general location.

Several systems send this information over radio or other links to allow L1 only receivers to make corrections. The date is transmitted via satellite system and transmits it on the GPS frequency using a special pseudo-random number so only one antenna and receiver is required.

Humidity also causes a variable delay resulting in errors similar to ionospheric delay but occuring in the troposphere. This effect is more localized and changes more quickly than ionospheric effects and is not frequency dependent. These traits make it much more difficult to make precise measurement and compensation for humidity errors than with the ionospheric effects.

Changes in altitude also change the amount of delay due to the signal passing through less of the atmosphere at higher elevations. Since the GPS receiver computes its approximate altitude, this error is relatively simple to correct.

GPS signals can also be affected by multi-path issues where the radio signals reflect off of surrounding terrain such as buildings, canyon walls, and hard ground. These delayed signals can cause inaccuracy as a well.

To correct these errors, many techniques have been developed. How these techniques work depends on addressing the long delay multi-path or shorter delay multi-path. To know more on the solution on problems with gps system, please visit for more tips on how to maximize the use of your gps system.

Imagination in the world of photography

This era, photography continues to reveal his true identity, a fairly rapid growth. We can see almost the whole society ria know and interact with the world of photography, not least from a portrait photograph is almost already the boundaries of age, gender, economic level and even the general public. This phenomenon rapidly expanding smart phone camera technology increasingly proliferation.
But in this article will not discuss these things, this article will discuss something much more basic than those three things is to build and train the imagination and sensitivity “sense” in looking at an object.

A photographer trying to create an image in his imagination before pressing the shutter button on the camera, it will generate a sense of originality in the photo.

Photographers will also be able to convey to the audience of what the picture will be presented in the photo good moral message, beauty or a different story in the photo.
In the basic science of photography, there are three things that we must learn them as follows.

Triangle Exposure
Exposure triangle includes Iso, Aperture and Shutter Speed ​​to set pecahayaan of various Angle.


Angle or in a sense is “camera angles”. Where a photographer dituntunt to be taking portraits from the viewpoint that made the moment with as a value added.
If you want to try, there are some tips you can do before taking a photo of an object, namely:
• First observe the object to be photographed, including what is beautiful / unique / nice from the photo object
• Then start to choose things beautiful / unique / great proficiency level as the main object
• Remember, always think what will be delivered in the photo
• Once it starts execution with calm and in no hurry
• When you try to see the result on the camera screen, whether it is in accordance with what is expected?
• If not, do come back or repeat until approaching what is in your imagination.

Composition is a union of several image capture technique that adjusts the layout of the room, so the shooting line with what we expect.

An example is the above photo wants to show the beauty of the sky and forms a beautiful bridge, it creates the image, where the pattern / curve bridge eye of the beholder deliver photos to the beauty of the sky.
Photography is not something that is an inexact art, so there is no right and wrong word, but like it or not, so that an assessment of the images will vary. During the exercise do not hesitate to discuss and solicit input from family, close friends or fellow lovers of the world of photography, thus the ability to produce beautiful photos will continue to grow, do not be afraid of the images considered less good, because the learning process never ends, keep the spirit and still produce beauty in a photograph.

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How to Secure Online Shopping on the Internet

Internet presence has clearly changed the shopping habits of modern society. They no longer require a lot of time and out of the store looking for the need for all has been available online. Hmmm, all look very fun is not it?

online shop
Despite promising the most comfortable shopping experience, online shopping still requires precision. This is because there are some unscrupulous rogue who turns utilize this service for personal gain. As a result, you instead get the goods even dream like “donatemoney freely.


Eits, you do not need to worry or be afraid to shop online because there are tricks that can be done so that these activities remain fun. If curious, let‘s look at tips on how to safely shop online following:


1. Be Secure

Card is the type most widely used payment when shopping online. In this case, you must remember that your credit card is static. That is, the number listed will not change unless you close and open a new account. This is what needs to be considered because such information is leaked online account, it is likely to be misused irresponsible parties.

There are several ways you can do to minimize the potential for information leaks, one of which is to make buying and selling online sites including secure page. You can observe by looking for a small padlock icon which is usually found on the top right corner of the URL bar.

You also can ensure the security of a site from the additional letter “s” in the URL address. A secure site will begin with https: // (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), while pages that have not been secured usually beginning with http: //.

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Such Page 2. Research Before Buying

Always remember to do a transaction with a company that you recognize. If it will make a purchase from a site that is still foreign, make sure you do a little research on the background of the onlne store.

A reliable online stores usually attach a physical address, or at least a phone number to call. You can call the number listed to ensure authenticity, and then ask them about how the online store serving the complaint or return of goods.
3. Credit or Debit

Transacting online is the most convenient to use the card. However, you should use a credit card than a debit card. This is because the credit card is an extension of the temporary credit debit cards take money directly from your bank account. Of course this is very risky because if the information is leaked, hackers can easily mess up your finances.
4. Do Gratuitous Providing Information

When would make purchases, usually you have to fill in some of the necessary data such as names and addresses. Often, an online store will also try to get more information that will be used as a strategy to increase sales, such as life style to the annual revenue.

Never answer the question that is deemed suspicious. Even if such a finding, it is better to leave and look for another store.
5. Save Passwords With Both

Many sites online stores require each customer to log-in before the transaction which is equipped with a username and password. Create a password that is quite difficult and do not show the others to anticipate things that are not desirable.

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6. Save Copy Your Order

You will usually get a confirmation containing detailed information on the transaction, ranging from price to qualify a refund. Keep this file well until goods arrive at hand so that you can hold accountable if something goes wrong with the order.

Transact through pages online buying and selling is an art shop that is actually very fun. If done carefully, you will get the satisfaction that is not less by buying in regular stores.

As well as shopping in general, in the online store are also price competition. Remember to always compare the prices between stores in order to get the best deals. Enjoy your online shopping experience is safe, comfortable, and unforgettable.

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The growth of the Internet and the effect on the world of marketing

Did you know that young people today are becoming increasingly frequent future market pronounce words like this: “Look on the internet or search On the internet!”Internet-Marketing

Ranging from gadgets to compare prices, booking tickets, see the news, see advertisements for various products and much more. Whatever the business, where the internet wares. According to recent statistics, total world Internet users are 1,114,274,426 people, and the largest population of ASIA (398,709,065 people) instead of America.

From these data, we see again by the countries closest to Indonesia:
Japan’s 86.3 million Internet users penetration grew 67.1% 83.3%
Malaysia 13.5282 million Internet users penetration grew 47.8% 265.6%
Singapore 2,421,000 internet users penetration grew 66.3% 101.8%
Indonesian 18,000,000 Internet users grew 8% penetration of 800%.

The greatest growth was from Indonesia in the last 6 years, ie 800%. The most important numbers you see is the internet penetration rate in Indonesia is still very low at only 8%. When compared with neighboring countries, their penetration rate is already above 47%, and their growth is not as powerful as in Indonesia.

That is the growth potential in Indonesia is very very big. This figure could ballooned 800% greater, because the penetration of Internet users in Indonesia is only 8%.

The huge market of people who shop online are also very large numbers, ie US $ 170 billion or Rp 1,700,000,000,000,000 2006. Moreover, in 2008 the figure is much more powerful.

INC leading business media in the United States released the essential information for business people who want to find the most promising business prospects up to 10 years in the future where the number of them is the Internet business, a data processing and other information services.

The latest news from the second i-net who said that thanks to the internet, 15-year-old Emily from Virginia chips can sell for Rp 12 million.

Moreover, driven by further cheapening the internet rates in Indonesia, and the more good internet infrastructure in Indonesia. For example, Telkom Speedy even targeted sales growth rose 353% in 2007 with new rates cheaper since April 1, 2007.

Another of the latest trends you need to know in the world of the Internet, namely Google, as one giant Internet business located in the United States, had come to Southeast Asia, by opening a branch office in Singapore (Source: Business Week, 4 May 2007). Search giant Google, has seen how great the opportunities and potential of the Internet business in this region, so that Google immediately prepare for the branch office in South East Asia.

Based on the data above, you can see that Indonesia is in a very strategic position, due to the growth of Internet users in Indonesia is ready to explode into 80 to 100 million Internet users in the very near future. This is due to various factors such as the supporters of the increasingly cheap rates, and the increasing number of options for Internet access from dial-up, ADSL, WiFi, cable, GPRS, 3G, and others.

Internet is the place to be marketing products and services that are most promising at this time. Because of its wide range, to the whole world. In addition, because the market is targeted and automation systems, making marketing more effective and efficient in terms of cost, time and effort.

The question is, Are you ready to seize opportunities and potential that will come quickly, to Indonesia? The key is to take action. No action no happen. Take action miracle happen.

Are you ready to accept your luck? Because the opportunities for Indonesia is enormous, as the country with the largest population and the biggest internet growth rates well in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, learn internet marketing is a skill that is very important and you need to have today, especially if you are in Indonesia.

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the importance of packaging and standardization

The growing world economy, does not deny also have an impact on service delivery, both from small-scale inter-city to cross-country. For providers of courier services, they have packaging standardization, but specifically for export shipments out of the country must comply with international standardization

The function of packaging is not simply only physical protection but also marketing, barrier protection, security, information, convenience and portion control. With the advent of modern technology, the packaging machinery such as candy wrapping machines and form fill seal machines have achieved a level of perfection. The main objectives of packaging are:

Physical Protection

Packaging of objects insures that they are protected against vibration, temperature, shock, compression, etc., among other things.

Barrier Protection

Keeping the objects in the packages fresh, clean and safe for shelf life is the primary function of packaging. Packaged objects need protection from water vapour, oxygen, dust, etc. Permeability is an important factor in practice designing. Many packages contain oxygen absorbers to increase the shelf life. Sometimes, controlled atmosphere is also maintained in food packaging.


Packaging plays an important role in marketing. Good packaging and attractive labeling is used by sellers to promote potential buyers. In Package designing graphic design are used on the surface of the package to make it attractive.


Small articles are generally grouped together in packages for the purpose of efficiency. For example, a single box of thousand pens needs less space than thousand single pens. Liquid items and flowing items need containment.


Packaging plays a significant function in cutting down the security risks during shipping & transportation. Improved packaging techniques are used to discourage tampering. It helps reduce the risks of pilferage. Modern packaging techniques include anti-theft devices such as RFID tags, dye-packs, and also electronic article surveillance tags that can be detected by gadgets.

Impart of Information

Packaging and labeling also tells use, transportation instructions, recycling, or disposing of the package. In some specialized fields such as medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical products, some special type of information is required by law.


Packaging also adds to the convenience in handling, display, opening, distribution, sale, use and reuse.

Portion Control

In the medicinal and pharmaceutical field, the precise amount of contents is needed to control usage. Medicine tablets can be divided into packages that are of a more suitable size for individual use. It also helps in the control of inventory.

Exchange gift among family and friends with online gift shop

Exchanging gifts among family and friends is an old custom since the times unknown. Exchange of gifts strengthens the bonds in a relationship. People are always in search of opportunities when they can shower gifts on their loved ones. To offer these opportunities, there are innumerous occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, special days in the life, and festivals like Christmas, Ester or others or no occasion at all. Exchanging gifts shows your love towards each other.16

To present a gift, you need to buy it carefully according to the likings and personality of that particular person. You can purchase it from a real store and now in this age of internet, you have option to buy a gift from an online gift shop. Purchase from a real store has been the only and popular option so far, but nothing can beat the convenience of purchasing a gift online.

Buying a gift from an online gift shop offers many advantages. You need not spend time and effort hopping from one real store to another. An online gift shop lets you buy the products from the comfort of your home. Another great advantage is the wide range of products. You can select one according to your requirement. There are thousands of items on the website to choose from. Aside the local products, you can choose from unique and rare products which are listed there.

Online gift shops offer the facility of delivering the gift on the doorstep of the recipient. Many of these online shops work globally. They allow you to send gifts to your family and friends, even in the other part of globe.

To let you get the best deals and to make your online shopping a pleasurable experience, there are few tips.

Before placing an order, always compare your prices. To comparison shopping, you need to do a few clicks only unlike shopping in a store. The most important aspect of shopping a gift online is doing your research properly.

Sending a gift to your far away friends was never easier than now. This is all due to the presence of Online Gift Stores.

Caring for Android Battery order Durability and More Durable

Here you can see below are some ways you can do to maximize battery android phone to make it more durable and lasting.
tips merawat baterai handphone android_mini
1. See Charging Period

Duration of charging a mobile phone should be maintained and do not let you let a pitch charge your phone. Battery hp has a capacity of capacity are set, let the battery hp laptop battery is also a way, but the difference we can use a laptop without a battery by means of our batteries off and plug just the charger to a laptop and already you could use it, while the phone can not be used without battery.

You can see also How To Charge Battery New Hp? This is the way to know at a glance about how the new hp charging.

Battery lithium-ion exists and there are made of nickel. For nickel-based batteries should your content or you charge the battery when it is depleted. This type of battery is the type of battery hp hp antiquity and if now most used types of lithium-ion and lithium battery charging method is good is when the remaining battery power about 50% and at least 20% so that the battery can be rather durable.

* Note
For lithium-ion batteries should also need to do a total depletion occasionally for calibration purposes. Use the phone until the battery runs out in total, such as once a month or how much is up to you, but do not often, and to do with hp charging turned off or die position and should not be used as long as it is not a full battery up to 100%.

2. Minimize the Use of Power Bank

Using a power bank for charging is a thing that is done by many people, and this is not a problem, but do not use a power frequency of charging the bank if we are at home or at least capable of charging the battery maximum. If we are using the power charging the bank constantly was not good because the banks mostly make battery power hp hot easy, and precise manner recommended charging the batteries last longer is by way of charge directly from the electrical outlet to hp.

3. Avoid Places That Heat of Smartphone

Hp put on the hot place to be avoided because of battery overheating during prolonged hp which is very susceptible to damage. As with batteries made from lithium-ion battery of this type should be stored at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, and the temperature range that can be handled by the kind of battery is about -40 up to 50 degrees Celsius .

Professional tool for interior design

One of the first tools that sets an interior designer apart is the use of a color wheel. Used in every stage of interior design, it helps designers make decisions about paint, flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, furniture and other accessories. Next, you will need graph paper, pencils, pens, rulers, a protractor, measuring tape, a t-square and a yard stick to make sure you have the right edges, dimensions and measurements and to plan an interior design job correctly.

interior design. Architectural materials, measuring tools and blueprints. 3d
interior design. Architectural materials, measuring tools and blueprints. 3d

Push pins and thumb tacks are important interior design tools for the creative planning components of the process. When you want to hang things on the wall you will also need picture wire, plastic anchors and cup hooks, as well as pins and needles. And when you want to cut fabric you will need some professional grade scissors with tempered blades.

Chances are you will also need some tougher cutting tools than scissors during some of your interior design jobs, including a box cutter and utility knife to open supplies or to deal with lightweight objects, plus a handsaw for working with wood and tougher fabrics like carpet. Some scraping and cleaning tasks may require a single-edged razor as well.

A professional glue gun is one of the most important interior design tools that you will use again and again, and extra glue sticks are a must. Rubber bands, plastic ties and sewing needles with thread may also be practical when you need to attach things together. And for tougher tasks, c-clamps, hammers, pliers and screwdrivers may be required. Paint brushes and rollers are also required, so dont forget about those.

These are the basic interior design tools you will need on a daily basis. As the job requires, you will also need to purchase fabrics, carpets, paints, stencils, picture frames, decorative pieces and much more.

Find top art schools which offer Interior designing courses or programs at Choose best art and design school for you and start your path to a rewarding career.